Jeff R. review of Ronnie McLaughlin of The Chadderton Group

"I am so happy my friend introduced me to Ronnie. I had never bought a house before and was a bit nervous. Ronnie explained the process clearly and concisely and any questions I had were answered in the same way. When it came to looking for a house, I had a good idea of what I wanted. When my first couple choices looked like they were going to fall through, along comes Ronnie with 7 alternatives and her options were right in line with what I was looking for. Through the process, she was always quick to respond to texts or phone calls and always kept me up to speed on where we were.  She obviously has great connections with so many people in the industry and that really comes through during the whole process. On closing day it was getting late but she didn’t hesitate to meet me at 4:30 pm to start my closing process. Over an hour into closing and she catches a mistake that would have cost me hundreds of dollars.  Even though there was a little resistance on the other side of the table, Ronnie knows her business and knew she was right and was able to get the correction made. I was astounded that at 6:00 pm, after a very busy day, she was still so aware and diligent in going through the paperwork.   As long as Ronnie is alive and doing real estate, I will be using her!!

— Jeff R. review of Ronnie McLaughlin of The Chadderton Group