Jason Kuretski review of Elizabeth Martinez

"My fiancee and I worked with Elizabeth Martinez and she was one of the most personal and friendly agents we had ever had! We had been searching for homes off and on since the start of January. We had to delay our search at the start and I reluctantly told Liz that we had to reconsider in 4 months. Sure enough, Liz messaged us after four months and we took it as a sign to give it one last shot and either it happened or it doesn't . We had worked with about five to six other agents before her and most of them had very little input on the situation. Most were reactive but Liz was proactive. She instantly jumped on us and laid out a lot of the initial considerations and things to look out for. She then got us set up on a search where we sent her a detailed listing of our viewpoints on each location. We sent the listing to her at 6:30 at night and before the end of the day, she had already messaged us a blanket statement and some advice on all 20+ places we had reviewed! Not only that, she then understood our critique for each place and used that to recommend or advocate for other homes and would point out things she had already learned we would like or would be compromising in. Sure enough, we found the perfect home for us and the rest is history! She was all-around amazing, friendly, and extremely supportive throughout the whole process and turned a difficult decision into an easy one. "

— Jason Kuretski